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Mocco Pty Ltd

Sydney Office: 02 9591 6627 
Mobile: 0430 636 888

E-mail : sales@mocco.com.au

Mocco Pty. Ltd. is the Australian representative office of King Tai Holding Ltd, which is headquartered in Hong Kong with a sizeable factory based in Shenzhen China. Mocco is currently providing a wide range of quality products in Australia market including homewares, pet products, health products and electronics. For years, we've been working on product designing, materials, logistics and employee training. Therefore,Good qualities at lower prices are made possible by our team. For detailed product information please refer to our list of catalogues.
HP-3036-Goody Spoon S
HP-3037 Goody Spoon L
HP-3057 Male& Famle Urine Bottle
HP-3058 Tongue Cleaner
HP-3061 Lice Comb With Magnifier
PB-128 Pill Masher
PB-128B Pill Masher
PB-132N One Week Pill Organizer
Mocco Pty Ltd 1/14 Liberty Street Belmore NSW 2192
Sydney Office: 02 9591 6627 Mobile: 0430 636 888 Web email